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Jason Van Steenwyk
| 5 min. read
Hurricane season 2016, part 1: Your insurance policy and emergency plan
While meteorologists define hurricane season as June through November, the so-called peak hurricane season generally lasts from August through October, when Atlantic (and Hawaiian) waters are warmest, and conditions for large tropical cyclones are at their prime. As...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 6 min. read
11 ways to prepare for wildfire season
As we turned our calendars over to August this week, wildfires were on the top of our minds. As many people in the Northwest know, it’s officially “wildfire season,” and almost a million homes in the western United...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
5 ways to guarantee a lease renewal
There are so many ways to show your residents that you appreciate them, from building-wide trick-or-treating to Super Bowl parties, every thing you do for your residents helps ensure they’ll stay another year (or longer). At lease renewal...
Prepare Your Properties for Severe Weather
Frozen pipes. Ice dams. Blown heaters. Blown air conditioners. Floods. Tree damage. Fires. Mudslides. Electrical disasters. Tornado damage. Does it feel like El Niño is out to get you? There are steps you can take to protect against...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
5 sustainable landscaping trends in the Northwest U.S.
The terrain of the Pacific Northwest is incredibly diverse: lush rainforests thrive right near coastal plains that stretch for miles. A confluence of mountain ranges, rivers and plateaus provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts, and plentiful rainfall...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 3 min. read
Worried about pool maintenance? The CDC has you covered.
It’s just about July, which means school is out and the kids are ready to jump in the pool. Which means: pool maintenance is critical. A broken filter is just not something you want to deal with when...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Green landscaping trends in the Southern United States
Consider this: maintaining an acre of high-quality lawn turf is, on average, four times as expensive to maintain and requires five times as much manpower for the upkeep needed versus an acre of sustainable landscaping. Few people relish...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 3 min. read
7 reasons to consider LED lighting
There’s something to be said for brand new buildings: they’re incredibly efficient, from their insulation to their plumbing through to their light fixtures. But, if you own an older building, you also know that it has its charms....
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Jon Park
| 6 min. read
How the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Will Affect Property Managers
On August 16 2022, President Biden signed the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law. Despite questions surrounding its actual impact on inflation, the law does include several provisions that address climate change. The question property managers...
Tara Mastroeni
| 10 min. read
Hear it from a property manager VP of operations: How to get more done, faster with the right tech stack
To succeed in property management, you’ve had to become a master juggler. On any given day, you might field vendor calls while you manage multiple tenant move-ins and respond to email requests from your owners all at once....
Tara Mastroeni
| 6 min. read
Rental scams 101: 6 strategies property managers can use to keep themselves and their listings safe
When most people think of rental scams, they picture the prospective tenant as the victim. Property managers, however, are vulnerable to scams, as well. In this article, we’ll explore three common rental scams that target property managers and...
Robin Young
| 11 min. read
New research on why two-thirds of single-family renters are considering moving out in 2022 & 2023
There’s a reason why single-family rentals have been the subject of an unprecedented surge in demand over the last few years: They give couples and families access to the indoor and outdoor space that’s rare in other property...
Marc Levetin
| 5 min. read
Income and expenses: What property managers need to know
In an earlier article we explored bookkeeping basics for a financially successful business. The topic warrants further exploration, especially when considering how to keep your company books in the black. You can think of property management income and...
Laurie Mega
| 13 min. read
The ins and outs of HOA reserve fund accounting
If you talk to an association and ask them about their HOA reserve fund accounting, you may hear some pretty unfortunate stories that happened before you arrived; reserve funds that were too low to cover repairs, treasurers who...
Jon Park
| 7 min. read
How to navigate the American housing crisis in 2022
Inflation, stagflation, bear market, shrinkflation—you’ve probably heard all these words tossed around to describe the current U.S. economy conditions. The housing market hasn’t escaped those conditions. It’s estimated that the U.S. had a housing supply deficit of 3.8...
Generate More Revenue—Without Adding New Doors
We listened to our customers and learned their secrets for making more money from the properties you already manage With labor shortages putting the squeeze on the availability of new staff and high-quality vendors, getting the most out...

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