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Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Cities under pressure to increase affordable housing requirements
For some cities, the Great Recession is now far in the rearview mirror. In the nation’s hottest markets, housing is once again approaching all-time highs. By and large, this is good news. But it has also put the...
Amanda Maher
| 4 min. read
San Francisco considers banning school-year evictions
In San Francisco’s overheated rental market, many landlords are jumping at the opportunity to increase rents. Some are doing so by evicting tenants in rent-controlled apartments in order to bring those units up to market rate. The unintended...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
San Francisco’s Prop F defeated; landlords retain full control to use online rental platforms
Tuesday was a big election day for many communities. Incumbents were ousted. Houston had a controversial ballot item about transgender use of bathrooms. But despite the excitement surrounding these other elections, all eyes were on San Francisco. Why...
Holly Dolezalak
| 5 min. read
Sky-high Boston rents prompt tenant complaints—& landlords fight back
Supply and demand are at each other’s throats in the Boston rental market. It’s not quite as bad as in Milton, Mass., where a departing tenant wired the home he vacated to explode. But like other densely populated...
Cathy Fontana
| 4 min. read
Indiana: 2013 hottest US rental markets
Despite slow employment growth and a lagging economy throughout 2012, the multifamily market in the state of Indiana continues to thrive. It lands at #8 on the list of the top 10 fastest growing rental markets by state,...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
Washington: 2013 hottest US rental markets
With its majestic views, oceanfront properties, and location near the Canadian border, it’s no wonder Washington makes the list as the fourth hottest rental market in the US. REALTOR® magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
Oregon: 2013’s hottest U.S. rental markets
Every year, REALTOR® Magazine produces a list of the hottest rental markets in the U.S. This year, Oregon is in the #3 spot, continuing to attract a large number of existing and new residents to its main resource sectors:...
Cathy Fontana
| 4 min. read
North Dakota: 2013 hottest US rental markets
If you had to guess, which state would you say has the fastest growing multifamily rental market in the US? Would you believe it to be North Dakota? If so, good guess. That’s according to the latest report from REALTOR®...
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Jon Park
| 12 min. read
7 of the best property management apps of 2024
Compare and contrast the features of 7 of the leading software solutions to find the best rental property management app for your business.
Tara Mastroeni
| 15 min. read
7 of the best online rental application software solutions in 2024
Explore the best online rental application software solutions on the market to help you share, review, and approve applications faster—and with less effort for everyone involved.
Jon Park
| 12 min. read
The best software solutions to grow your property management portfolio in 2024
Here are 6 of the best software solutions to grow your property management portfolio, categorized by their unique strengths.
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 6 min. read
Preventative HVAC maintenance checklist: 16 things you should do now
Major winter storms are still months away, but as the weather changes, it’s important to pay attention to your property’s HVAC units, furnaces, and related systems. Starting preventative HVAC maintenance now will help you avoid costly repairs and...
Jake Belding
| 10 min. read
Buildium vs AppFolio: An in-depth comparison
Buildium vs Appfolio Property Manager: Which is the best property management software for you? Read our in-depth comparison of key features and pricing.
Robin Young
| 2 min. read
What renters want their property manager to know about communication [The Lookout]
Would it surprise you to know that 59% of renters want to communicate with their property manager via text message?   For years, email has been the most popular communication method. But over the last two years, we’ve...
Robin Young
| 2 min. read
How demand for property management services is changing in 2024 [The Lookout]
The pandemic not only changed how property management companies operate—it transformed the demand for property managers’ services.   But as the pandemic has receded, are rental owners still seeking out property managers at the same rate? That’s what...
Jake Belding
| 19 min. read
Property maintenance services: The complete checklist and guide
Use this comprehensive property management maintenance checklist to get through repairs faster and more efficiently than previously possible.

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