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Marc Levetin
| 3 min. read
Introducing company financials: All your finances at a glance
We’ve been writing a lot about company accounting recently, covering topics like bookkeeping basics, property management fees, income and expenses and cash flow statements. The reason we’ve been in an accounting frenzy lately is because we’ve been hard...
Justin Kerins
| 4 min. read
Tracking appliances in Buildium
With the latest update to Buildium, it’s now easier to stay on top of scheduling maintenance for appliances, because you can keep track of specific appliances at both the property and unit level. All you have to do...
Elise Beck
| 3 min. read
Txt me plz: Buildium’s newest feature lets you send text messages to tenants
Texting (and our general obsession with our phones) has transformed the way we communicate. If the ability to send text messages already permeates every aspect of our lives, we think it’s pretty important for you to have the...
Justin Kerins
| 1 min. read
Tracking resident vehicle information
The latest update to Buildium makes it easier to resolve parking disputes between residents. Simply add each resident’s vehicle information—make, model, license plate number, and parking pass/space number—to Buildium to make sure the the correct vehicles are parked...
Marc Levetin
| 4 min. read
Cash flow statement basics for property managers
Buildium has added a cash flow statement to our Reports page. In this article, I’ll talk about what it is and why it’s important, show you how to set it up, and how to use it. What is...
Marc Levetin
| 2 min. read
Basic tenant screening now includes eviction history
Starting today, we’ve added eviction history to our Basic Tenant Screening service. This item was #6 on your list in our new feature requests forum, requested by hundreds of property managers.  We’re happy to oblige. This means that...
Emily Miller
| 2 min. read
How to set up automatic email receipts for tenants
We’ve got more good news: You can now automatically email receipts to your residents after they pay their rent or any other fees. Instead of having to generate a PDF version of the receipt, saving it to your...
Marc Levetin
| 3 min. read
Partial bill pay: Let us help you spend your money
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that adding money to my bank account has been more fun than taking it out. Paying bills isn’t fun. While Buildium hasn’t released a product that eliminates the need...

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