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Jason Van Steenwyk
| 7 min. read
Surety bonds: 7 reasons why they can make great alternatives to security deposits
Last year, we shared some tips for property managers and owners on managing security deposits. Because many laws have changed at the state and local level since then, we invite you to check out Buildium Laws, our directory of information on security deposit...
Marc Levetin
| 3 min. read
The two sides of property management fees
If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about your next paycheck: How much is it going to be? When will it clear my bank account? What am I going to spend it on? Why...
Marc Levetin
| 5 min. read
Bookkeeping basics for successful property accounting
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to talk to property managers on a regular basis in the name of research. I’m always impressed by how often they put their customers above all...
The Property Management Accounting Software Survival Kit: 5 Must-Have Tools
A good property management accounting software is the secret sauce of your property management business. In fact, with the days of ledger and spreadsheet accounting fading away, it’s virtually impossible to run a growing portfolio without it. But...
Holly Dolezalak
| 5 min. read
How to choose a bank with the right financial services for property managers
As our last post on this topic showed, many factors can make one bank more attractive than another. The considerations in that post, though, apply to small businesses in any industry. In this post, we’ll take a look...
Mary Gribbons
| 4 min. read
5 tips for requiring online rental payments
As a property manager, collecting rent is never too far from your mind. And why would it be? If rent doesn’t arrive on time, it can delay so many other things, including owner payments. Of course, this strains...
Holly Dolezalak
| 5 min. read
Small business banking: The 5 things you can’t afford to ignore
In a complicated swindle that rivals Enron’s creative accounting fiasco, the vice president of Appalachian Community Bank in Ellijay, Florida leased a property he didn’t own, collected more than $20,000 in rent and security deposits he wasn’t entitled...
Jim Gallant
| 3 min. read
How to find a qualified tax professional
The New Year is upon us, a time for celebration and optimism. And then it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: tax season. Even if you’re comfortable preparing and filing your own taxes, hiring a certified professional accountant...
Daniel Craig
| 5 min. read
The PM forecasting mindset
No one can deny that 2020 has been a year of change, and as entrepreneurs, agility is what we thrive on. With every new obstacle has come new opportunities—and this year has been filled to the brim with...
Laurie Mega
| 8 min. read
How to run flawless, virtual HOA board meetings: Tips from a pro
Since the beginning of lockdown, property managers have had to come up with innovative ways to keep their residents safe while still providing the best service possible. One big change has been the way they run virtual HOA...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
How does a 1031 exchange work? What property managers should know
Established real estate investors and property managers are likely already familiar with 1031 exchanges. The concept itself is simple: Reinvest the proceeds from the sale of a business or investment property into a like-kind investment in order to...
Tony Maiella
| 35 min. read
Forecasting 2020, Planning 2021 [Interview]
Knowing where you stand and forecasting the future: These are both simple ideas in business, but trickier than ever these days for property management companies. In order to do both, sound accounting practices and a simple forecasting framework...
Tony Maiella
| 13 min. read
The ins and outs of HOA reserve fund accounting
If you talk to an association and ask them about their hoa reserve fund accounting, you may hear some pretty unfortunate stories that happened before you arrived; reserve funds that were too low to cover repairs, treasurers who...
Laurie Mega
| 14 min. read
Property maintenance services: Everything you need to know from trends to seasonal checklists
Property maintenance services are a big part of what you do as a property management firm. Done right, regular property maintenance does more than just keep up the place. It provides value and safety for both your residents...
Tony Maiella
| 28 min. read
First 90 Days with Buildium: Essential Property Management
“Hitting the ground running” sometimes isn’t fast enough in property management. These days, property managers are sprinting as they have overhauled their businesses and adapted to the COVID-19 crisis. That’s particularly why it was so rewarding to talk...
Deb Newell
| 5 min. read
Why change up your business model now?: A property management consultant’s perspective
How many times have you heard that this is now your “new normal?” How many times have you pondered what COVID-19 will mean for the long term of your business? It’s no secret that your world—our industry—has changed...

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