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Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
California considers scrapping rent control regulations
Rent control is a well-known fact of life for California landlords. What people might not realize, however, is that local rent control policies are guided by a state law known as the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995....
Robin Young
| 12 min. read
Micro-apartments could solve the affordable housing crisis—if we let them
Note: This post is Part II of our series on micro-apartments. For a full overview of the topic, we recommend starting with Part I: Are Micro-Apartments the Next Big Thing? The Economics of Micro-Apartments A lack of entry-level...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 7 min. read
Protect your neck: Understanding key clauses in your errors and omissions insurance policy
Errors and Omissions Insurance vs. General Liability Insurance The courts have held that errors and omissions insurance “generally protects against liability based on the failure of the insured, in his or her professional status, to comply with what...
Sarah Pallatroni
| 2 min. read
This week in property management news: March 6, 2017
Millennials making the move to the suburbs; how to write the perfect lease; 3 U.S. cities named the most expensive rental markets in the world; strengthening economy encourages developers; and cities dominated by renters continue to grow. Millennials...
Amanda Maher
| 7 min. read
New marijuana laws create hazy situation for landlords & property managers
This past November, voters in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada voted overwhelmingly in favor of recreational marijuana. These four states joined Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and the District of Columbia, which had already legalized the use of marijuana...
Robin Young
| 9 min. read
Are micro-apartments the next big thing?
Though it has a footprint of just 200 feet, the micro-apartment is raising sizable questions. “Could micro-apartments solve the affordable housing crisis?” “Are micro-apartments a revolutionary or exploitative trend?” Last week, we talked about the tiny house movement...
The Anatomy of the Perfect Lease
Great property management begins with a great lease. That’s because smart, clear leases help keep you organized, compliant with laws, and can help make you more profitable and efficient in your business. Download this comprehensive guide for advice...
Amanda Maher
| 6 min. read
Screening tenants just got more complicated—here’s what you need to know
Tenant screening has never been easy. Landlords and property managers have to balance their desire to find good tenants—those who will pay on time, take good care of the property, etc.—with the requirements set forth in the Fair Housing...

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