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Megan Wild
| 6 min. read
5 tips for attracting Millennial talent to your property management company
Millennials are currently the largest generation in the United States workforce. Nearly one-third of the workforce is between the ages of 18 and 34. By 2030, that figure is going to be even higher—a whopping 75 percent of...
Samantha Clark
| 6 min. read
How to identify a target market for your rental properties in 5 steps
Identifying your target market is essential to marketing your properties. It’s an important step–one that many people overlook when developing their marketing strategy. It’s the secret ingredient that every successful business has, but it’s easy to ignore. Once...
Amanda Maher
| 9 min. read
8 reasons why property management companies fail—and how to avoid others’ mistakes
Property management is a huge but highly fragmented industry. It’s a roughly $58 billion sector in the U.S. alone, and most of the companies operating in the space have only a handful of employees. But while the barriers...
Jillian Rodriguez
| 4 min. read
4 business growth lessons you can learn from your competitors
In business and in life, competition motivates us to do better. In fact, your competitors are among the only people who know the business as well as you do. Taking a tip from their successes (and learning from...
Colorado Area Property Management Lunch & Learn
Buildium Workshop: Benchmarking Your Business Benchmark your business against best practices and learn how you can use Buildium technology to grow. Join us for this hands-on workshop at one of Denver’s top-rated restaurants! We’ll help you assess your...
Megan Wild
| 6 min. read
11 retention ideas for property managers to show clients extra love
It’s Valentine’s Day. You might be considering buying flowers and chocolates for your sweetheart… but have you ever thought of using the day as a springboard to showing your clients some love as well? Busy property managers spend...
Stephen Fishman
| 6 min. read
How the new tax law affects your company’s employees
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed by Congress last December took effect on January 1, 2018. The new law resulted in the most extensive rewrite of federal income tax rules in over 30 years. Although most...
Robin Young
| 4 min. read
A heartfelt message to property managers from the Buildium team
Here at Buildium, every one of us is a current or former renter. We have to admit: it wasn’t until we started working here that we realized just how difficult property managers’ jobs are—and how much more you...

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