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State of the residential property management market survey report
Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for: Buildium’s State of the Residential Property Management Market Survey Report. Enjoy!
Linda Day Harrison
| 7 min. read
The great debate: which is better? On-site or off-site property management?
Sorry folks, but the answer is: it depends! I know you hate that answer, but here’s why it does really depend! Engineer/Maintenance Staff: The number-one issue for any property manager to evaluate is whether or not there are...
Ken Kmet
| 8 min. read
Seawalls are everywhere
Seawalls are everywhere. There are endless miles and miles of them. If you live in a condominium, HOA, townhouse community, or home along the beach, bay, inter-coastal waterway, or lake, you most likely have one. Most condominiums and...
Ken Kmet
| 4 min. read
Northeast property owners prepare for hurricane sandy
Hurricane Sandy is glancing off Florida, and heading toward the east coast of the U.S., aiming straight for a rare collision with the Northeast U.S. Sitting here, as a Floridian, watching the satellite photos and watching the projected path,...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
In a different class: How to distinguish a property’s worth
If you’re new to property investing or management, it’s important that you first and foremost understand the different property “classes.” These classes help set standards as well as acceptable rental rates. So, let’s take a close look at what...
Ken Kmet
| 7 min. read
Condo and HOA fire inspections
Say the phrase “fire inspection” and every property manager, board member, and maintenance engineer will make a face. It is that annual visit to your property by the local fire marshal. It is usually unannounced, may not necessarily...
Linda Day Harrison
| 6 min. read
Are property newsletters old news?
Are property newsletters old news? The answer is yes and no. Newsletters are a vital connecting point between you and your building occupants. As a property manager, I always felt compelled to reach out to and keep in...
Ashley Halligan
| 2 min. read
Drones: 2015s latest addition to property management?
Just a year ago, several California-based real estate agencies had already begun implementing aerial real estate photography via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) — significantly reducing the cost of employing manned aircraft to capture high-end estate images. Furthermore, new technologies...

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