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Elicia Chen
| 6 min. read
When a property manager gets sued
This blog post tells you what evidence you need to collect in preparation for a tenant-landlord lawsuit over the security deposit.
Geoff Roberts
| 10 min. read
Security deposit tips for property managers, landlords, and tenants
This post will provide guidance for property managers, landlords, tenants, and others who want to navigate the world of security deposits. It will discuss the laws in each state, provide advice from landlords and property managers, and address some of the most commonly asked questions about security deposits.
Geoff Roberts
| 2 min. read
The best advice for property managers
We asked a few property managers and others what the best advice they got as they started their property management careers. Here's what they said.
Beth Clymer
| 7 min. read
Why property managers should use green pest control
This post shows how property managers can institute green pest control practices using Integrated Pest Management techniques.
Loretta Morgan
| 14 min. read
How to Grow Your Property Management Company
This post will give you the tips and advice you need to help your grow your property management business.
Property Management Tips for Winter Weather
While snow and cold blast much of North America, there are tips you as a property manager can take to be prepared.
Stephen Fishman
| 5 min. read
Top 10 property management tax deductions
What tax deductions are you entitled to as a property manager? You might be surprised at what you can deduct this tax season.
Introducing the all-new Buildium mobile apps
All of us at Buildium are pleased to announce that the all-new Buildium mobile apps for iOS and Android are available for download right now from Apple’s App Store and from Google Play. They provide a beautiful and powerful...

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