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Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
Washington: 2013 hottest US rental markets
With its majestic views, oceanfront properties, and location near the Canadian border, it’s no wonder Washington makes the list as the fourth hottest rental market in the US. REALTOR® magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
Oregon: 2013’s hottest U.S. rental markets
Every year, REALTOR® Magazine produces a list of the hottest rental markets in the U.S. This year, Oregon is in the #3 spot, continuing to attract a large number of existing and new residents to its main resource sectors:...
Cathy Fontana
| 4 min. read
North Dakota: 2013 hottest US rental markets
If you had to guess, which state would you say has the fastest growing multifamily rental market in the US? Would you believe it to be North Dakota? If so, good guess. That’s according to the latest report from REALTOR®...
Ken Kmet
| 7 min. read
Windstorm mitigation inspections can help you save big
Hurricane season is here. Can you feel it? The slight breeze strengthens just a bit, extra humidity fills the air, and then you feel that cool downburst of air just before the front moves in.  You hear the...
Geoff Roberts
| 2 min. read
Are you a skilled property manager or an accidental slumlord?
The title is provocative on purpose. My intent is to get you to look at your property management activities through the eyes of the tenants who live in the properties you manage. Do you have blind spots in...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
How to avoid rental property discrimination
What do you know about rental discrimination? Apparently there’s quite a bit of it going on across the country right now, so it’s an appropriate topic of conversation for property owners and managers alike. Discrimination in its most...
Laura Trent
| 3 min. read
A property manager’s guide to gas safety
Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that continues to claim lives each year as a result of faulty natural gas appliances. As a property manager, you have a number of legal obligations that are designed to protect the...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 3 min. read
Property managers need better processes, not outsourcing
Your property management team cannot manage their workload, tasks are piling up, tenants are unhappy with your service, and owners are threatening to take their business elsewhere. Does this sound like your property management company? Unfortunately, this is...

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