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David Ingram
| 3 min. read
Property management for single-family homes: tricks of the trade
Here’s some of my best advice for how to deal with some potentially challenging situations when managing single-family homes.
Trevor Henson
| 4 min. read
How to start a recycling program at the properties you manage
Here's how to tap into the nationwide effort (with nearly 9,000 curbside recycling programs and much more) to help green your community.
Bobby Russo
| 3 min. read
Bobby’s blog: How to get your tenants to pay rent on time
For the first couple of months I was in property management, my blood would boil and I would ask myself: How can you grow a business if all you do is sit behind a desk chasing a series of $800 checks?
Allison Buchwach
| 2 min. read
When do renters look for rentals?
ShowMojo looked at how and when their users look at rentals and submit showing appointments based on users of their tool. There are three key findings.
Peter Lohmann
| 2 min. read
Five questions to ask a prospective property management company
Looking for professional property management? Here are five key questions you should ask of any management company.
Sian Morgan
| 5 min. read
How to keep good tenants
Here are some pointers to help keep your tenants happy and encourage them to stay in your property.
Loretta Morgan
| 4 min. read
Let’s compete on service instead of fees
What are property managers worth, and what should we really be competing on? The answer is simple: Let's all compete on service, not fees.
Bobby Russo
| 3 min. read
Bobby’s Blog: Our value as property managers
“So, you collect rents, send out the handyman, and show houses. Is that really all you do?” I’m constantly hearing that from our clients, prospective clients, and my friends. When I hear it put into those words, should...

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