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Elicia Chen
| 12 min. read
Tenant screening tips for property managers
This blog post will help you to be as comprehensive and efficient as possible in the tenant screening process.
Geoff Roberts
| 7 min. read
Property management software: Why you need it
Property management software isn’t just for the big guys. It’s for any property managers who want less stress, more free time...and a growing business.
Michael Cahill
| 5 min. read
What property management companies need to know about the affordable care act
Learn how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is going to change how or whether you offer health insurance to your property management employees.
Set your rental property photos free
Buildium has lifted all restrictions on photo size and the number of photos you can upload for properties and units.
Elicia Chen
| 19 min. read
How to find property management news you can use
This guide provides a rich array of resources to help you find the property management news you need to stay informed and grow your business.
Sara Thompson
| 6 min. read
10 tips for writing a winning rental property listing
These ten tips will help any landlord or property manager to write effective online rental property listings.
Brian Davis
| 4 min. read
How not to get scammed by renters
Here are some of the most common ways in which property managers and landlords find themselves getting scammed by would-be tenants -- and how they can prevent it.
Chris Keivit
| 9 min. read
Property management accounting training: Just the facts
Here's why your property management company needs property management accounting training.

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