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Bobby Russo
| 5 min. read
5 Tips for property managers to win the war on wear and tear
As property managers, let’s remember our core value proposition: to have our tenants live in a safe, clean, and well- maintained home while providing rental owners with peace of mind that their properties are well cared for. That...
Bobby Russo
| 5 min. read
Do I need a sales plan to get rental owner leads?
There are some best practices for getting more rental owner leads. Learn about them here.
Bobby Russo
| 3 min. read
From road warrior to property manager: How Bobby Russo started in property management
Property manager Bobby Russo shares why he ended one career as a "road warrior' and started a another one as a property manager.
Bobby Russo
| 6 min. read
Bobby’s blog: 10 steps for greater property management sales
So what can you do to grow your property management sales? Here are the 10 steps I follow to achieve property management sales success.
Bobby Russo
| 5 min. read
Bobby’s blog: Vendor management for property managers
Vendor management for property managers is vital to the success of your property management company. Here are some tips from the front lines.
Bobby Russo
| 3 min. read
Bobby’s blog: How to get your tenants to pay rent on time
For the first couple of months I was in property management, my blood would boil and I would ask myself: How can you grow a business if all you do is sit behind a desk chasing a series of $800 checks?
Bobby Russo
| 3 min. read
Bobby’s Blog: Our value as property managers
“So, you collect rents, send out the handyman, and show houses. Is that really all you do?” I’m constantly hearing that from our clients, prospective clients, and my friends. When I hear it put into those words, should...

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