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Carla Toebe
| 6 min. read
Tips for accommodating a tenant with disabilities
Here's what landlords need to know about renting to people with disabilities.
Carla Toebe
| 6 min. read
Move-in process management for property managers and landlords
The tenant move-in process is important to do the right way. Experienced property manager Carla Toebe shows you how.
Carla Toebe
| 5 min. read
How I started in property management: Carla Toebe
Property manager Carla Toebe shares how she went from unemployed to owning her own property management business.
Carla Toebe
| 4 min. read
Property management and crime: How to prevent common risks
One of your responsibilities as a property manager is to maintain a safe and secure property. Unfortunately, there are a number of scenarios within property management that a criminal—or even just an opportunist—could exploit. The list below outlines...
Carla Toebe
| 5 min. read
Property management banking tips
In the world of property management, banking procedures are a bit more involved than simply having a bank account, making your deposits and payments, and balancing the register at the end of the month. I want to stress...
Carla Toebe
| 5 min. read
How to handle an abandoned property
They say that abandonment is a landlord’s or property manager’s worst nightmare when dealing with a tenant. How do you know it is really abandonment? Sometimes it’s obvious when everything is gone, the place seems perfectly empty, and...

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